15 Best Water Sports in Andaman you must try

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is an ideal destination for people looking for adventurous water sports in Andaman . These beautiful beaches will treat you with pristine turquoise seawater and make it an excellent location for water sports lovers. The 15 water sports activities in this Archipelago make it the perfect place for even an amateur swimmer to enjoy the wonderful underwater marine life and coral reef structure. So, all you need is to wear your life jacket and little courage to dive in.


Here is a list of 15 water sports activities that can be done in Andaman and Nicobar islands are-

Banana Boat Rides

Similar to regular boating except that the boats are shaped like bananas. These banana-shaped boats are attached to the speed boats, which provide momentum to the banana boats. Hence these banana boats move very fast, giving a thrilling experience. A total of 6 people can ride in one banana boat together. You will not be alone because there will be a guide and an instructor who will assist you. It would help if you wore a life jacket for the same, then there is nothing to worry about.

Best Places: You need to go to Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex or Havelock Island, as these are the best places for banana boat rides.

Cost: The cost starts from ₹ 250 per person, which is very nominal.



Snorkeling is one of the best water sports in Andaman to experience the exotic marine life and underwater coral reef. It is a popular mode of underwater swimming wherein the swimmer will be equipped with underwater goggles, swim fins, a breathing tube, and a diving mask. Snorkeling helps the underwater diver stay underwater for a more extended period without difficulty breathing. It does not require any specialized training. You will only need some essential guidance which is sufficient. Due to fewer complications, it appeals to people of all age groups, and children could also engage in it.

Best Places: Jolly Buoy, North Bay, Havelock, Neil Island, and Red Skin Island are some of the best places for snorkeling.


Cost: The cost starts from ₹ 500 and it can be as high as ₹ 4000


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another fantastic way to witness the enthralling marine life. Andaman is a favorite place for scuba divers from different regions. To enjoy scuba diving, you must get a certificate from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in Andaman. Scuba diving will be arranged based on your level of training. For beginner-level diving, you need not be an expert in swimming. However, for more challenging levels, more expertise in swimming is needed. In scuba diving, you will be equipped with underwater breathing gadgets. Scuba diving can be enjoyed by anyone who is above ten years of age.

Best Places: The best place to enjoy scuba diving in Andaman is Port Blair, Neil Island, North Bay Island, and Havelock Island.


Cost: The cost per person starts from ₹ 3500.



This is an excellent sport for amateur swimmers looking for water sports activities. The rider will be towed behind a speedboat and attached to a canopy wing as a parachute. The parachute-shaped thing is known as a “parasail wing.” The rider flies behind it as the boat sails around and speeds up. It provides the rider with the experience of flying in the air as well as riding in the water at the same time. While in the atmosphere, you will experience the most fantastic view of the Island. The thrilling adventure of parasailing is hard to compare with any other activity! You may confuse it with paragliding because both sound similar but entirely different.

Best Places: The ideal places are Corbyn’s Cove beach in Port Blair. Elephant beach in Havelock and North Bay.


Cost: The cost per person starts from ₹ 3000.

Undersea Walking

Yet another excellent adventure sport for all amateur swimmers to enjoy the underwater world of beautiful creatures. Undersea walking will let you walk on the smooth and clean sand of the seafloor. You can handle complicated equipment by wearing a helmet. The helmet provides a hassle-free close-up view of the underwater species. It would help if you kept walking on the seafloor gazing at the beautiful marine life accompanied by the coral reefs. It is safe for children, and an instructor will always be with you throughout your session.

Best Places: The best place to enjoy undersea walking in Andaman is Elephant beach on Havelock Island.


Cost: The cost per person starts from ₹ 350 per person.


Jet Skiing

It is a high-speed water sport enjoyed on a small-sized vehicle shaped like a bike. But it needs experience and separate training to enjoy jet skiing. It is not recommended for children. This sport will give you a lifetime memory. But remember, you should refrain from indulging in jet skiing during lousy weather, which can be very risky. Otherwise, it could get hazardous.

Best Places: Go to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex of Andaman to enjoy the jet skiing activities.


Cost: The cost per person starts from ₹ 600.


Speed Boating

Any water sport activity on the Islands that do not need you to go under the water is only speed boating. The splash of water and the speed will give you a thrilling experience to cherish forever. It is a sought-after sport among adrenaline tourists to enjoy the fast speed that makes anyone’s hearts pump faster. This is undoubtedly not suggested to weak-hearted people!

Best Places: Go to Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex to enroll in speed boating.


Cost: The cost per person starts from ₹2300 per person.


Sport Fishing Or Angling

This is another way of fishing where people do fishing with the help of the fish hook. These fish hooks are further attached to a fishing line and rod. This tropical paradise is an excellent location for enjoying sport fishing. Though commercial fishing is banned in these islands, sport fishing is still allowed at some payment or fee charges after acquiring the requisite permits. Dreamz Yatra in Andaman could arrange a sport fishing tour for you and your friends!

Best Places: Havelock Island and Port Blair are the best places to go sport fishing.


Cost: The cost starts from ₹ 12000 for two hours for two people.


Glass Bottom Boating

As you can understand from the name, it is a small boat with a glass bottom below. It would help if you sailed through sitting in the comfort of your boat and catching a glimpse of underwater life through the glass surface. No complications are involved, no swimming experience is required, and it is suitable for people of all ages.

Best Places:  Visit Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and North Bay Island, as these are the best places to enjoy some glass boating rides in Andaman.


Cost: The cost starts from Rs 2000 


Seaplane Ride

Seaplanes are very recently introduced to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Seaplanes have become very popular lately, and commercial seaplane rides are only performed in Andaman in India. Seaplanes are specially designed airplanes capable of taking off and landing on water bodies. They can accommodate a total of 9 people at a time. The best thing is you need not be an excellent swimmer to enjoy a seaplane ride.

Best Places: If you are in Andaman, you can get on a seaplane ride from Port Blair. The plane route starts from Port Blair and ends at Havelock Island.


Cost: The cost per person starts from ₹ 2500.



Kayaking is a trendy water sport on these islands. The tranquil seawater with the dense jungles of the islands makes it a top destination for Kayaking. This involves little effort and complicated equipment. To sail, you must keep paddling and enjoy the ride. Though suited for all age groups from 13, Kayaking is popular among the older generation. However, the best time for Kayaking in Andaman is October.

Best Places: Havelock Island provides the ideal kayaking location.


Cost: The cost is something around ₹ 2400 per person.


Mangrove Kayaking

For Kayaking, there are many routes and tours available in Andaman. The Mangrove Kayaking route is specially planned among the water streams to give a thrilling experience. Anyone above 13 years old is eligible for this sport. A guide will always be with you throughout your trip to assist you. However, this sport is seasonal, so it is undertaken only during October.

Best Places: Havelock Island in Andaman is famous for mangrove kayaking.


Cost: The cost starts from ₹ 2500 per person.


 Sea Walk

Yet another unique water sport is Sea walking. It is similar to scuba diving, but you do not need to swim or dive in constantly. It would help if you walked on the bottom of the ocean, and it does not require swimming or maintaining any balance. You can enjoy many coral reef structures, fishes, and comprehensive aquatic life during sea walking. First, you will have a tutorial of 10 minutes before experiencing the real sea walk. You will be given a helmet connected to a breathing gadget. A team of sea walk guides will guide you through the journey and ensure your safety. You can become carefree, where you will leave all your worries and enjoy the moments. You will also get pictures of your sea walking, which you can cherish later in life.

Best Places: Havelock Island and North Bay are the best places you can see and walk.


Cost: The cost starts from ₹ 4500 per person.



Semi-submarine rides are accomplished in submarine vessels which is capable of underwater diving. But these submarines cannot be entirely submerged in the water. Coral Safari in Andaman is also available. It goes deep into the sea and takes you to the deep sea to experience the rich flora and fauna. These vessels can easily accommodate up to 100 persons at one time. Also, people from all age groups can get inside the boat and enjoy the rare view. The glasses of the Ac cabin of this vessel are made purposefully inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. These give a perfect view of the beautiful corals. If you are lucky, you also spot some rare fish species. This underwater expedition is around 1-2 hours in duration.

Best Places: You can indulge in semi-submarine rides on North Bay Island.

Cost: Prices start from around ₹ 1800 per person.


Sofa Ride

Sofa rides will be the best choice for people looking for casual water sports activities. The sofa is an inflatable floating platform that gives experiences full of enjoyment and thrill. The water will splash on you, and thus it will provide you with a refreshing feeling. A maximum of five people can enjoy this ride together. The boat maintains perfect balance, and you will wear a life jacket, helmet, and security belt, to help you hold your position securely. The floating platform will then be tied to a speedboat. The speedboat provides speed to the sofa. People of all age groups can easily enjoy this incredible ride. There will be an instructor and an experienced rider with you to guide you throughout your ride.

Best Places: Visit Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and Elephant Beach, where you can avail yourself of sofa rides.


Cost: The cost starts from around ₹ 700 per person.


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