Produce Instagram Stories video trailers!

Take this notion: Make a video trailer, then submit it to Instagram as a story with a link to the full YouTube video for video promotion on YouTube.

Because your followers will see them at the top of their Instagram home pages, Instagram stories receive a ton of exposure. Also, it’s the only location on Instagram where clickable links can now be included.

You must have at least 10,000 followers or have your Instagram profile verified, both of which are rather simple requirements, in order to post clickable links inside Instagram stories to do video promotion on YouTube.

Here’s what to do if your Instagram account meets one of the aforementioned requirements:

  • Click the link’s symbol.

  • Your YouTube URL should be pasted into the space given.

  • Click “Done”

This is terrific Instagram content that, in addition to driving traffic to certain YouTube videos, will ideally increase your following and engagement there.

Using software like Lumen5 makes it simple to make powerful and polished video teasers.

After that, you can use this video to build a tale from your Camera Roll. Also, you can utilise Google to locate pictures and videos that you are free to use in your video trailers.

Use artificial intelligence to your advantage

You can’t always be there for your site visitors, directing them to the key CTAs and telling them what to do next to locate additional information or find solutions to their problems for being able to do video promotion on YouTube. Thoughtful algorithms can.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is swiftly gaining traction in digital marketing, enabling businesses to provide better real-time customer service.

The simplest approach to build an AI-powered, constantly-improving marketing bot for your website that will direct visitors to the pages and video content they need at every stage of their site-browsing experience is to use Alter.

Alter is entirely automatic: To enable the bot to assist your customers when they appear to need it, simply place their code on your website and wait for it to learn about your customers’ behaviour:

Alter can be configured to only display your video URL to recurring users. By limiting your target audience to those who are already familiar with your brand and are likely to be interested in your video, you can avoid distracting and losing new visitors for video promotion on YouTube.

By navigating to Sites -> Bot Messages in your Alter dashboard, you can configure these. Any message to promote your video can be edited there. You can also change the timing of that message’s appearance by changing a number of variables. Typically, I like it to be visible to the largest number of website visitors.Because they opted to return so soon, these users frequently still remember who I am and are probably highly interested in me. It’s a suitable audience for spreading the word about my videos to:

Moreover, Alter interacts with popular email marketing tools (currently: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, and GetResponse), providing you complete freedom to engage your consumers more deeply.

Video is an excellent on-page engagement enhancing tool, including engaging your site visitors with your video content for video promotion on YouTube.

Bonus: Advertise your videos on your website with Finteza

The best method to enlist your devoted community in your video promotion efforts is to share it on your website.

The “Marketing Campaigns” component of the free web analytics tool Finteza can be used to expand on-site video marketing.

  • Finding the “zones” where you want to advertise your videos is the first step. Once located, your video advertisements will start to show up there as per your timetable.

  • Next, indicate how long you want it to run for. This is advantageous for timely or seasonal video content.

  • Using the re-targeting feature to show your video promotions to returning visitors is another smart move. You won’t annoy your new guests in this way. 

Make banners that invite people to view and support the video promotion on YouTube.

All that’s left to do is log into Finteza after that and schedule more campaigns to promote your videos. It is a good idea to create a separate small site designed specifically for showing your YouTube activities if you create numerous videos each week.