The Pottalam Chicken Biriyani is a special Kerala dish. This biriyani resembles traditional Malabar biriyani quite a bit. Cooked chicken is blended with steamed rice, boiled egg, coconut chamanthi and finally wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed in a steamer. Banana leaf-wrapped Pottalam Chicken Biriyani has a delicious and aromatic flavour. Its name is Kizhi Chicken Biriyani in both Tamil and Malayalam. One of the most delicious biriyani meals that can be made fast is this one, which is also known as Banana Leaf Chicken Biriyani. After being steamed in banana leaves, the flavours penetrate deeply into the rice, enhancing its flavour and aroma. The dish Banana Leaf Chicken Biriyani is full, delicious, and healthful. The recipe for Kizhi Chicken Biriyani with video can be found here and is simple to make at home.  <a href=””> pottalam-chicken-biriyani-banana-leaf-chicken-biriyani-kizhi-chicken-biriyani-with-video </a>