Advantages of Keeping Virtual Employees

What are the advantages of hiring a virtual team? Take a look at these positives.

COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to work remotely and find alternatives to run their business. Most businesses switched to virtual assistance services or signed up with companies that provided virtual employees to cater to their ongoing needs.
Firstly, this approach was suitable because it allowed people to be safe and work through the confined walls of their homes. But is safety the only benefit of virtual assistance services?
As more and more companies are moving towards virtual assistant services, it’s time to ponder if these remotely working employees are worth your time.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of virtual employees and answer some common questions related to them.

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1. Maintain a work-life balance

you can try asking your employees if their work motivation levels have increased or decreased after the work from the home approach. You will find out that most employees feel that working remotely is a better option for them. Ideally, because they have a better work-life balance and this flexible timing increases their motivation to plan their work timely. All you need is a productive team that efficiently balances your work and does not let their personal life cause a hindrance to their work. The virtual employees you hire ensure the same.

2. Pay only for the work done.

Virtual employees are paid only for the work they have finished or according to their work timings, which often are shorter than the in-house team. They are cost-effective because,

• You don’t have to arrange an office for them, so you aren’t paying for overhead costs such as electricity, water supply, and Wi-Fi connection.
• Office appliances such as laptops, printers, or furniture are not required.
• Since they work remotely, you do not have to cater to their transport.
• No costs in training your team or providing internships to new trainees.

As most virtual employees work from their offices, they harbor their needs, and you, in return, save a chunk of maintenance and servicing money. So the only place you will be sending is when hiring a virtual team from a virtual assistant company or to buy software for the virtual team to carry out their work.

3. Schedule work anytime

Your in-house employees may not be very happy in staying back for extra work because they have a fixed 9 to 5 working plan in their mind. And you can’t blame them because they have a personal life to live. However, virtual employees are not restricted to a particular location or fixed timings. This means you can hire virtual employees following different time zones from any location. This provides an advantage to your business in that you have people working for you 24×7. For instance, when your in-house team in New York calls it a day, your virtual employee in India will start their day, and in this way, you are ensured that the work is happening around the clock.

4. You get to be time-efficient

You don’t have to plan a schedule or draw out an operational plan for the team because a remote working team manages their timeline and creates a schedule for themselves. It would help if you gave them a deadline to ensure that the work is complete before the deadline. In an in-house team, not all employees have the same working speed. Some are perhaps productive in the mornings, while others are in the latter half of the day. Getting all your employees on board can take some time you don’t have to cater to a virtual team.

5. You get a dexterous talent.

You have the opportunity of selecting employees from any location with a set of skills not present in your local employees. You get to choose from wider regions, and sometimes these skillful people are paid fewer salaries in their countries so you can get them on board without promising huge wages. In today’s time, your employees are from a tech-savvy generation with technological advancements. Hence, they are happy to work from home because they have hands-on experience with newer technologies to make their work effective and efficient.

6. A higher productivity

A productive team is essential for the growth of any organization. Therefore, when employees work remotely, they ensure to complete the given task before getting the latter half of the day off. For instance, if the task for the day is to submit a monthly report of accounts or build a blueprint for the working of particular software, then the virtual employees will work without wasting any time.

Moreover, because they know if they do their work in two hours, they save the rest of the working hours doing some other activity. this way, you get 100% participation and motivation as opposed to when working in the office as the employees are aware that even if they finish the work early, they can’t go home early.

Should you hire a virtual team?

If you are convinced by the positives discussed above, switching to this business model is a good option for you. Having a few drawbacks which you can handle well, aligning with an approach can help you scale up and lead to the growth of your business.

How can I hire a Virtual assistant team?

The easiest way to do so is by signing up with a virtual assistant service-providing agency. One such compatible agency is the Ossissto Virtual Assistant Services. They have an array of services right from Bookkeeping to Digital marketing and Graphic designing virtual services. Browse through their page and learn more about them.

To sum up

Virtual assistant services are of great help to your business. Some agencies like Ossisto even customize services according to your needs. Low costs and budget are two important benefits of virtual employees that can high turnover for your business. A piece of advice is, to begin with, virtual employees for smaller tasks, and this approach suits you, then you can plan for bigger tasks.

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