A Guide to Paint Restoration of Your Car’s Exterior

Is it possible to keep your vehicle in brand new condition when there are a number of threats present in the environment. However, it is hard to keep your car in a condition that it has just rolled off from dealership, but not impossible at all.

Over the years, the exterior has to deal with a number of challenges. These are contamination, oxidation, scratches, and more. However, oxidation is most severe to turn your car paint into dull and faded.  Let’s first understand about the oxidation properly.

What Causes Oxidation?

Oxidation signifies the process of degradation of a car’s paint. A chemical reaction happens to break down the paint over time due to exposure to oxygen, heat, and ultraviolet rays.

Generally, oxidation reduces the capacity of oil to hold the colour together. It also marries the shine of the exterior. In fact, a car starts to lose its shine first before the colour starts to degrade.

In actuality, the colour will first start to dull, then lose its sheen, and finally start to completely disappear. Oxidation is the cause of white spots on a car’s exterior.

At this point, the clear coat has almost destroyed the metal surface. This makes your car susceptible to rust, which can severely and permanently damage your car’s body.

No car paint can stay forever, but there are ways to deal with the oxidation of your car’s exterior. However, it is wise to opt for the treatment after assessing the actual car’s exterior condition.

Let’s look at these two scenarios:

Severe oxidation It means that the paint and clear coat are damaged completely and there is no other option available other than repainting the surface.

Moderate oxidation – If the chemical process starts to make its presence felt on the surface and you do not take any action now, it won’t take too much time to destroy things.

However, you can delay as well as restore the lost shine of your car by following this simple process.

First and foremost, clean the affected area.

Make sure to clean the affected area thoroughly to prevent any contamination. However, since oxidation is probably not restricted to one surface but is only apparent on one surface, it is preferable to clean the entire car thoroughly.

Always utilize the high-quality car wash soap, and ensure there should not be any corner left while keeping an eye on the area you’ll be working on.

Besides, you can opt for a professional car wash at the Infiniti Service Center Dubai. Here, you get your car cleaned with high-end technology.

Apply Clay Bar to Remove Dead Paint

The sole purpose behind applying the clay is to remove the dead paint. Oxidation causes white spots on those appeasers to be flaked. This spreads further to damage the successive areas, especially when the vehicle is exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays more predominantly.

Before treating oxidation damage, it is necessary to find and eradicate the paint flakes that appear after oxidation. However, the clay always proves to be a great substance to clean out certain damage to the car’s exterior.

You should take care of as little paint removed as is necessary, so you don’t want to remove the paint that is beneath the damage. This is treating the existing disease before making firm steps towards actual healing.

Get the job done with a subtle application of polish.

Applying clay bar removes the existing oxidation; the polishing restores the lost shine of the surface.

However, the polishing is done in two phases; the first is cutting and the second is finishing. While applying polish for the cutting process, a substance application makes it easy to chip away at the faded layers of paint to expose the bold paint underneath due to its abrasive nature.

However, it is necessary for you to be extremely gentle with this process and remove as little paint as possible to get the job done. 

On the other hand, finishing is a process of restoring the shine by boosting oil participation with the paint. The process is necessary to bring back the shine you admire and adore pretty much.

However, the polishing process requires substantial effort. You have to be stable while applying the substance in a methodical, slow and half circular motion.  Now, you might be wondering whether to use an electric polisher or apply such a substance by hand. It would be much better if you use the machine.

You might be able to complete the task without an electric polisher if you’re working on a particularly small area. However, it might be a bit hard if you are doing things by hand. Not only is it difficult to get the smoothness that you need for a good polish job, but you’re also bound to get exhausted in the process.

There is a better alternative available in terms of car detailing. However, you have to choose a reliable service centre for the best and most professional service. Service My Car assists you in restoring your car’s exterior in a state with proper shine and gloss. You can book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website and app anytime.


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