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An SAP is a person who assists DOT-regulated personnel return to work following a SAP Evaluation near me, such as a failed drug and/or alcohol test or a refusal to take the test. SAPs are the “gatekeepers to the re-entry program,” according to the DOT employee manual. They decide when a worker who is safety-sensitive is ready to return to work safely.

 Finding the DOT Qualified SAP Near Me

Employees who are required by the DOT to be safety-sensitive are expected to ensure the safety of both their coworkers and the general traveling public. Making these employees submit to drug and alcohol testing, is one of the ways to assure safety is achieved. Before hiring, periodically throughout their employment, following various types of accidents, and if there is a suspicion regarding their usage of drugs or alcohol, they are tested. Employees who fail or decline a test must go through a return-to-duty procedure supervised by an SAP (Substance Abuse Professional). They need to identify the top DOT SAP Evaluation before they can start the process. We at SAP Referral Services provide a nationwide network of over 50,000 referral sources to assist employees in beginning the process of returning to work.

Who May Hold DOT SAP Qualifications?

SAPs are those who assist in evaluating people who have disobeyed a DOT drug and/or alcohol program regulation, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT). Following examination, the DOT Qualified SAP Near Me provides the employee with recommendations, which may include treatment plans, classes, and aftercare. For an SAP to be deemed DOT-qualified, there are specific requirements set down by the DOT.

The individual must possess the following qualifications to be a DOT-qualified SAP:

       A diploma or license for medicine (Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy, social worker, psychologist, employee assistance professional, marriage and family therapist, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor).

       Completed a DOT certification training program.

       Passed the written DOT SAP test.

       Every three years, complete 12 hours of ongoing education.

       Been an SAP and actively offering their services.


Locate a DOT Qualified SAP Near Me Easily

Some positions are regarded as DOT-mandated safety-sensitive positions. The Federal Railroad Administration, the United States Coast Guard, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the Federal Transit Administration all employ these people. If you work in this business and occupy a DOT-mandated safety-sensitive position, you will frequently be subject to drug and alcohol testing. You might look for a “DOT Qualified SAP near me” if you fail or refuse to take a test.

I need an SAP Evaluation, but why?

SAPs play the role of an impartial third party and do not make decisions about whether to fire or rehire employees. These selections are subject to the employer’s discretion and corporate policy. An SAP’s responsibility is to clinically analyze and evaluate each person in order to develop an individualized treatment and/or education plan that complies with DOT protocol. Public safety is the goal and the main customer in DOT proceedings. To give employees permission to resume work that requires attention to safety, SAP Evaluation perform in-person evaluations. During COVID-19, interim guidance on in-person evaluations was released (DOT, 2019c).


The DOT requires certain standards for qualified DOT SAPs under 49CFR Part 40. The ASAP Credentialing Team makes ensuring that current licenses, certificates, training requirements, and test results are documented.

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