Assisted Living Vs Nursing Homes – Which Is The Right Community For You?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you retire and need extra care and attention. The long-term care options have been more varied than before. No wonder this can be very overwhelming for elderly people and can be confusing at the same time. However, the most common and famous two options are known to be assisted living in Tucson Arizona, and nursing homes. Both of them are different from each other and the level of care that they offer. 

To be clear, assisted living communities are known to have a home-like environment where you can get assistance with your day-to-day activities and medical issues. However, nursing homes are known to have skilled nursing facilities, which are considered medical environments. If you have serious health or mental issues, then getting into a nursing home will be a good option. 

Prime differences between assisted living and nursing homes 

To know better which is the right community for you, here are some of the prime differences between assisted living communities and nursing homes: 

  • Medical services – In assisted living facilities, you can get access to various levels of medical attention, which depends on every individual’s needs. For instance, if you want assistance with taking a daily dose of medicine or transportation assistance to an appointment with a doctor, then assisted living community can be great. The residents living in such a facility have fairly good health. 

However, people who need around-the-clock medical care need nursing homes. The staff of nursing homes is suitable for people who have chronic health issues. The residents live there for a long duration and need extreme medical services. 

  • Living space – When it comes to the best assisted living homes, people living there go for individual or shared apartments that are known to have living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. These facilities are fully furnished spaces. Also, they have common areas for every resident to sit together and have meals together or enjoy some activities. 

But with nursing homes, every person has individual or shared rooms that have en-suite bathrooms. Also, they have common spaces where residents can share the space to eat and do some activities like assisted living. 

  • Daily activities assistance – The residents living in assisted living get assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, or having daily medicines, etc. Also, the caregivers offer assistance with doing laundry, housekeeping, preparation of the meal, etc. These are some of the things that residents need assistance with. 

Whereas the residents or people of the nursing home need extensive help to complete their daily activities or fulfill daily needs. The staff members help them with taking medications, getting dressed, managing their other activities, bathing, using the restroom, etc. Also, the kitchen staff helps with meals, and other staff takes care of their cleaning, etc. 

  • Recreational activities – One of the best things about assisted living in Tucson Arizona is the massive range of recreational activities that are offered to every resident. These physical activities, as well as social connection, helps every resident maintain their overall health. Also, the community helps the residents to have opportunities for creative expression, socializing, as well as physical exercise. They also offer religious services that every resident can volunteer. 

But nursing homes are known to have limited recreational activities. They do offer activities like art classes, cooking classes, animal therapy, mentally stimulating games, etc., for the residents to enjoy. However, exercise activities are known to be supervised by therapists that help every resident to gain some strength, improve mobility, as well as prevent falls. 

  • Daily meals – When it comes to daily meals, assisted living communities to require the residents to cook their meals. Or the residents can opt for additional meal service where the meal course is designed by professionals to have it in the community dining rooms. Also, some facilities are known to have meal delivery services at a certain price. Dining might be open for residents throughout the day. 

Whereas, nursing homes are known to have skilled dieticians to prepare meals for every resident. Depending on the personal choice and mobility of the resident, they can have their meals in the communal dining room or in their separate rooms. However, personal aides are always offered to the residents who have issues while eating on their own. 

  • Cost of the facilities – Another main difference between assisted living communities and nursing homes is their costs. As per sources, the cost of nursing homes is known to be double the cost of assisted living facilities. The resident can use their personal savings to pay the fees of any desired community. 

Which facility is apt for you? 

Deciding between the best assisted living homes and nursing home only depends on your health or the kind of help you need with your daily activities. However, here are some of the questions that you ask yourself to decide between which is the best facility for you or for someone you care about: 

  • How much help is required by you or your loved one to do daily activities such as dressing, using the restroom, laundry, bathing, etc.?

  • Is there a need for medical care for any serious health condition? 

  • Can you or your loved one easily prepare daily meals? 

  • What is your budget to pay for the desired facility? 

Here are some other questions which you can ask yourself when finalizing the right assisted living facility or nursing home: 

  • Have you done proper research for the facility you want to move into? 

  • Is the community licensed by the government? 

  • Do other residents seem to be happy living there? 

  • What is the total ratio of residents to staff? 

  • Do residents go for any outings?


Choosing between the best assisted living in Tucson Arizona, and nursing homes can be a tough decision. However, the above-mentioned differences between them will help you have some clarity while making a decision. Also, the questions mentioned above will clear your remaining doubts when choosing between both communities.