Crypto Wallet Development – Types, Features, Development Methodologies

Many technologies are emerging these days and the entire world is thriving through those technologies. But, blockchain and cryptocurrency are the hot talks of the town and they’ve gained much popularity in the current marketplace. All the cryptocurrencies are created using blockchain technology hence they are considered highly secure. 

While speaking of crypto wallets, they are the primary thing to be considered for carrying out any crypto-related activities. For instance, buying, selling, storing, staking, etc can be done only after creating a crypto wallet. So, crypto wallet development plays a vital role in the crypto ecosystem. 

For developing a first-class crypto wallet, you might seek a professional’s guidance. Right!!! A reputed cryptocurrency wallet development company will possess a set of well-seasoned developers in their hands. In that regard, you can approach a crypto wallet development company for great results. Before choosing the company, you should know about crypto wallet development. 

If you wish to gather some knowledge on crypto wallet development, you’re in the right place. Here, we shall discuss everything about the crypto wallet, its types, use cases, and all regarding crypto wallet development.

At full tilt, we shall begin the article with…

What is Meant by a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A crypto wallet is a digital wallet that aids users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies in a highly secure manner. For accessing a crypto wallet, you will be provided with a public key and a private key. Basically, a public key is your wallet address whereas a private key is a password for unlocking a crypto wallet.

Let me explain with an example, a public key is similar to a bank’s account number that helps for receiving cryptocurrency.  A private key is like your ATM’s PIN that helps for keeping your bank account confidential. These private and public keys come together for accessing a crypto wallet. Basically, all the crypto wallets are created and stored on the blockchain.  There are various types of crypto wallets prevailing in the crypto sector. They are as follows.

Various Types of Crypto Wallets

Generally, crypto wallets exist in two forms: custodial and non-custodial wallets. 

In layman’s terms, custodial wallets can be accessed only by the central authority. Here, they’ll have full control over your private keys and cryptocurrencies. For instance, every wallet that is available on the crypto exchanges is maintained by the exchange owner. You can just use those crypto wallets. Those wallets are considered custodial wallets.

Non-custodial wallets are vice-versa of custodial wallets.  They are considered independent wallets where the ownership will be held by the token wallet holder. Here, the wallet holder will have full responsibility and control over their wallet. Such as, Metamask wallets, and Trust wallets are some of the popular non-custodial wallets. The clone scripts of all these non-custodial wallets are available in the crypto marketplace. You can choose one and develop a crypto wallet based on your business needs.

Based on accessibility, crypto wallets are divided into two types: hot wallets and

cold wallets. 

Hot wallet

Hot wallets can be accessed only with the availability of the internet. Based on internet usage, hot wallets prevail in certain types such as desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and web wallets. 

Desktop wallet 

Desktop wallets can be accessed on a computer or laptop with an internet facility. It can be accessed on any OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Here, you can store your private jets on your desktop itself if it is safe. 

Mobile wallet

As its name itself indicates, mobile wallets can be accessed through cell phones. As per many cryptopreneurs opinions, mobile wallets are considered user-friendly wallets. This wallet is compatible with Android and IOS platforms. This wallet can also be accessed only with internet availability.

Web wallet

Web wallets can be accessed as a browser extension with your website. This is also a hot wallet type and can be accessed on any authenticated web interface. For accessing a web wallet, a private key is highly mandatory. So, you should be very aware of handling private keys.

Cold wallet

Cold wallets are the opposite of hot wallets. A cold wallet can be accessed without internet availability. Such as, 

Paper wallet 

Paper wallets are like physical wallets that can be accessed by scanning the QR code without the internet. It comes as a sheet of paper and it should be handled very carefully. If it is lost, then it cannot be recovered.

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallet comes as a USB drive, it can be connected to a computer or laptop and accessed. For unlocking your hardware wallet, you should know your private key. It can be accessed without internet availability.

NFT wallet

An NFT wallet is a wallet where non-fungible tokens can be stored in a secure manner. It comes in both forms as hardware and software wallets. NFT wallets come with some outstanding features like,

  • Compatible with all NFT marketplace

  • User-friendly interface

  • Strong security

  • Cross-chain compatibility

  • Multi-device accessibility

Which is the Best Method to Create a Crypto Wallet?

Developing a crypto wallet is not a hard row to hoe. All you should know is the proper procedure to create it. Coming to the point, a crypto wallet can be developed in three different methods: developing on your own, development from scratch, and development using a script.

Development from scratch

Developing a crypto wallet from scratch is a long and complicated process. The cost of developing a crypto wallet is very high as it is done from scratch. Here, a developer will develop a crypto wallet only after collecting the user requirements. So, customizations in the middle of the wallet development process can be done but it takes some time. The difficulty level is high as it is initiated from the beginning. A perfectly skilled team of developers has to be hired for crypto wallet development. The success rate cannot be predicted as it is a long process.

Development using script

This is the golden key offered to all the crypo wallet creators. Developing a crypto wallet using a script comes with various benefits at its end. You can develop a feature-enriched crypto wallet within 7 days. So, the time taken for development is very low. A ready made script comes at an affordable cost, to create your own crypto wallet. Any customization can be easily done in a crypto wallet script. The development process is very easy as all the necessary features come inbuilt with the script. Therefore, no technical expertise is needed. It is a multi-time-tested script so the success rate is very high.

So, developing a crypto wallet with the pre-made script is an efficient process because of the professional support they get. To get a first-class crypto wallet script, you should pick a reputed crypto wallet script provider in the crypto space. Now, we shall discuss the features involved in developing a crypto wallet.

Aspiring Features of Crypto Wallet Development

Crypto wallet creation comes with various outstanding features that help in attracting various users. Those features are included below.

QR code scanner

This QR code feature comes with various perks as it enhances speed, security, and convenience and makes the crypto transaction simple. If a crypto wallet is created with an integrating QR code scanner, then the user can automatically scan the token wallet address i.e the public key of the crypto wallet. With this feature, you can make transactions with a single click.

Selling of cryptos

Only minimum latency takes place for selling cryptos directly from wallets and receiving the fiat money credited to their cards.

Token swapping

Token swapping is a feature that comes in a popular wallet like Trust wallet. Innate token swapping functionality comes with a crypto token wallet. So, different tokens can be interchanged without any issues.

User authorization

In the absence of a crypto wallet, crypto transactions will not be executed in a secure manner. So, crypto wallet creation is the first step to be done even before crypto token creation. Your newly created crypto token can be stored securely in your crypto wallet.


Crypto wallet helps in secured staking of crypto that helps in trading across various exchange platforms. This is also a feature that comes in some popular crypto wallets. Hence, this feature can be involved in your crypto wallet development.

Push notifications

Notifications are the key feature to be incorporated in every product or application. Every detail of a transaction and other activities should be properly notified to the wallet holders. 

Multi-crypto accessibility

An ideal crypto wallet accepts more than one cryptocurrency to be stored without any hassles. As the value of different crypto might alter at some point, the wallet should adopt from time to time. 

API connection to crypto exchanges

A crypto wallet should be connected to some popular crypto exchanges to know the update of the most-demanding cryptos in the marketplace. Based on that, the users can decide whether to sell or buy new crypto.


Crypto wallet facilitates easy buy-sell of cryptocurrencies via various masterclass or credit cards.

Crypto payments

Using a crypto-wallet, any vendor payment can be made without any issues.

Eludes duplicate payments

An efficient crypto wallet can automatically detect and deny all deceptive payments and chargebacks.

You can create a unique crypto wallet by incorporating all these features in your crypto wallet. For creating a feature-rich crypto wallet, you can hire a crypto wallet development company in the crypto space. They’ll convert your expectations into a reality. With this, we shall see the.

Benefits of Hiring a Crypto Wallet Development Company

There are numerous perks you can get by approaching a crypto wallet development company. Those are illustrated below.


A crypto wallet development company possesses numerous years of experience in creating crypto wallets. So, they’ll create your crypto wallet within a week. Also, if you’re developing your crypto token wallet with a wallet script, you can create it as soon as possible.


While hiring a reputed development company, you can get all the exemplary features in an affordable way. So, you can create your crypto wallet cost-effectively.

Instantaneous process

Developing a crypto wallet on your own is a breathtaking and elaborate process. It involves numerous processes for developing a crypto wallet. On the other hand, hiring a crypto wallet development company will help in completing your crypto wallet creation very quickly. They’ll help you grab your business dream quickly!

A full-furnished product

A crypto wallet development company creates your crypto wallet in a professional way. They offer their crypto wallet script in a reliable manner so that no bugs or errors will be found in crypto wallet development. So, a perfectly completed crypto wallet can be developed by approaching a crypto wallet development company.

These are the advantages of hiring a crypto wallet development company. Now, you might have a query on the factors behind choosing a crypto wallet development company. Those are as follows.

How to Choose the Prominent Crypto Wallet Development Company?

  • Check whether the company is well-experienced in the blockchain ecosystem and they’re reputed in the crypto marketplace.

  • Analyze the feedback and reviews of the formerly worked clients given to that particular company.

  • Check whether the company is legally registered in the crypto space.

  • Analyze the blockchain and technology they adopt for crypto wallet creation.

  • The level of quality and customer support they offer for their clients.

Keep these points in your mind before choosing a crypto wallet development company. Perform complete market research and pick an experienced crypto wallet development company in the crypto-verse.

Final touch

I hope that you get an idea about crypto wallet development. As mentioned earlier, a crypto wallet should be developed before executing any crypto-related activities. As said earlier, to create a feature-rich and exemplary crypto wallet, you can approach a prominent crypto wallet development company in the crypto verse for the best results. In that regard, find a first-class crypto wallet development company and develop your crypto wallet to catch your dream soon.


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