Epoxy paint for concrete floors

concrete itself has a number of positive characteristics, the main of which is the ability to withstand heavy loads. However, concrete floors also need additional protection.
The tensile strength of concrete is low, plus it has significant porosity. All this affects the fact that over time concrete floors wear out, deteriorate and begin to peel. In addition to the fact that the room loses its aesthetic appeal, there is also the formation of dust.
All these problems can be eliminated by using epoxy paint for concrete floors. Thanks to this, it is possible to hide the unevenness of the floor surface, to protect the concrete surface from wear and various damages.

Epoxy paint for concrete floors, parking lots, technical premises is a multifunctional paint product that is ideal for painting concrete surfaces, metal, brick. The dye is made using organic solvents and non-volatile substances (at least 70%).

The main reasons for painting concrete: 

– Aesthetics.

– Protection against aggressive chemicals

– Elimination of dust

Epoxy paints are intended for painting concrete structures (floors, walls, etc.). Available in two components – A and B. Before use, the components must be mixed in a ratio of 5:1. Component A – colored or transparent – is the main component. Component B – hardener. B is added to A, in a container with component A. After mixing the components, the paint is mixed well for 3 minutes with a professional mixer or high-speed drill for 2-3 minutes.

Epoxy paint is a colored two-component epoxy enamel. After curing, it forms a high-strength polymer floor with good abrasion resistance, resistance to aggressive chemicals. Epoxy paints do not contain solvents. Due to this, the paint is odorless. Dry paint residue on the painted surface is 100%. Provides good covering ability and dense film. After mixing the components, the material dries within 40 minutes. Otherwise, the reaction will begin and the paint will begin to thicken. The drying time of epoxy paints at 20.0 + 2.0 °C to the 3rd degree is not more than eight hours. Epoxy paints have good adhesion – sticking to concrete surfaces. Can be applied at t + 5 to + 25 ° C. After application, you can walk in three days. Full load on polymer floors for at least 7 days.

Source: https://pol-sam.com.ua/epoksidnaya-kraska/


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