Guide to Choose the Best Underwear For Your Baby


If your baby is transitioning from diapers or pads to kids underwear, you and your little ones are reaching a new milestone.

And that’s a huge thing! 

Or how to choose the right baby boy underwear. Whatever the reason you left, you’ve come to the right blog! 

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Before getting into the article, try answering this question for the sake of your child and your sanity: 

Is your baby ready for an underwear transition? 

Switching to regular diapers or baby underwear, such as padded ones, isn’t something that happens suddenly. Instead, it’s a process that requires patience and a lot of encouragement from parents. Most parents recommend that big boys and kid girl underwear between 2 and 3 after potty training. 

But then again, there is no right or wrong time. Every child takes their time learning to potty with the help of padded underwear, a pull-up style disposable diaper.

So take your time with something that will eventually happen in a few months or years. But if your child can show signs of going to the bathroom, or dropping his pants, then you need to make room in your child’s closet.

If your child is still potty training, you should check out SuperBottoms padded underwear. A potty master that holds up to 1 pee and is made with 100% organic cotton pads. 



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padded underwear



You can find many kinds of kids’ underwear in the market. Some of the most important are: underpants, shorts for girls and boxers for boys. 

But SuperBottoms has all the underwear mentioned above types in the store and unisex underwear that is comfortable for both girls and boys. You can take your time and check out SuperSoft underwear.


#1 See what it’s made of? 

Your little one’s skin is susceptible and needs excellent care. So always ensure that the underwear material you choose is comfortable and soft for your kids. For example, you can find underwear made of cotton, modal or bamboo fabric etc. These fabrics are known to be super soft and incredibly gentle on your baby’s skin. 

#2 Too tight or too loose?

Remember, your child is still learning to adjust to new things. They have just finished potty school and are now free from dirty and wet diapers.

Now they’re old enough to try out their new first layer of comfort. Make sure your girls briefs aren’t too tight as it could create more friction between your skin and the fabric; therefore, it is not safe for your delicate skin. They can also feel pain, and that’s a big NO-NO. Many parents also have the misconception that loose-fitting underwear for their children would allow for more airflow. 

girls briefs

While a loose fit is a must, but not too loose, the fabric of the underwear itself should allow for airflow, or in other words, be breathable. Underwear that is too loose can increase the risk of bacteria, creating an obstacle during the transition phase. 

Always consult the size chart provided by the brand. 

#3 Can he go where your kids go?

Go with the flow. Children have an active routine. You can always find them doing something, jumping on the bed, doodling on the walls, discovering new things, or sometimes playing hide and seek and hiding in the most obvious places. Therefore, your underwear should feel stretchy and go with the flow. Or, to put it in simpler words, you should allow your children to carry out all their activities without any hindrance or pain. If it doesn’t go with the flow, then you know where else it’s going.

#4 Does it absorb sweat? 

As mentioned earlier, babies are very active and can sweat a lot.

Therefore, it is imperative that your baby undergarments can absorb sweat efficiently. Otherwise, there is a high chance of bacteria buildup that could harm your baby, especially during the summer season. So remember: choose underwear whose fabric is breathable and absorbs sweat quickly.

#5 No unwanted guests, please 

Do you have those clothes that make you uncomfortable because of the scratchy tags on the back? Or the useless buttons that poke you when you bend over?

You get irritated, and your little ones too. So before buying, take a look at the labels and see whether or not it will scratch your skin. But remember, your child’s skin is much more delicate than yours, so be double careful. 

#6 colours and more colours 

“I am giving my children all the comfort they need.” 

Now, this is where most parents fall behind. While the underwear you have selected for your kids can provide them with enough comfort, plain and one-colour underwear is not enough! 

Young children like yours are experiencing many things for the first time. So it would be better if you introduce them to more vibrant colours so that they can develop their creativity. Many brands of children’s underwear already make their products in various bright prints. But if you ever find yourself wearing plain or solid-coloured underwear, avoid it. Now that brings us to the end of this article. Do you have enough information to start shopping for underwear? It would be best to keep all these tips in mind when buying underwear for your children. But if you feel that’s too much or don’t have much time, why not check out SuperSoft underwear with your SuperBottoms? INSERT PRODUCT LINK 



  • Made with a unique blend of cotton and modal making, it is super soft. 

  • It is a master of sweat absorption.

  • Breathable and elastic fabric. 

  • Ensures airflow and keeps your baby super comfortable 

  • Available in many vibrant, bright and colourful designs. 

  • These prints are made with AZO-FREE dyes that are 100% safe for your little one’s delicate skin. 

  • Does SuperSoft underwear check all your boxes? (or maybe even check more boxes) 


Remember what we said at the beginning? The transitional journey to underwear takes a lot of patience. You might be wrong the first time around (especially about the size), but with enough guidance and support, you and your adult children can successfully reach this milestone together.


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