According to psychological research, every color affects your mood in a different way. While picking furnishings for the house, it is important to have a theme that matches your vibe and aesthetics.  

At the end of the day, houses are supposed to make you feel happy, peaceful, comfortable, and at home. Picking the right curtains compliments your rooms to enhance the look most elegantly while making your mind feel at ease.

Here are some ways in which each color affects your mood, based on research. Understand the psychology behind them and pick the right colored curtains (or combinations) for your mood.


Yellow is the color that signifies energy and happiness. It promotes friendliness and joy. Having yellow curtains not just lights up the mood of the living space but also boosts the energy and the vibe.


Orange curtains are best suited for dining areas. It is a color that invokes the warmth of being together. It is a great color to create a friendly and social vibe with enthusiasm and energy.


Red curtains bring out the feeling of love, romance, and energy. It may be a great idea to have red curtains to get the best feeling of coziness and romance. However red also brings out the feeling of danger and anxiety. Since it brings out such strong emotions, it is important to keep in mind the combinations and other furnishings that it will be used with.


Pink-colored curtains are great to channel emotional energies as it makes you feel calm. It helps suppress anger and gives a kind look. It is great for children’s rooms and with great combinations can be used to enhance the feeling of compassion and togetherness in living rooms.


Purple curtains add the feel of luxury and sophistication to the room. It signifies warmth, royalty, and creativity. Having purple curtains makes the room more elegant and adds to the beauty with the right pop of color and warmth.


Blue (like Pink) is the color that immediately calms the mind. It brings out the feeling of serenity, comfort, and coolness in the room. Blue curtains can also be used in children’s rooms. The right shade can enhance bedrooms to feel more comfortable and soothing.


Green curtains immediately make you feel healthier and energized. As green is the color of nature, it refreshes your mind and has a soothing effect on the body. It signifies growth and makes the space look more natural and refreshing.


Brown-colored curtains add a traditional touch to your rooms. It is the color of comfort, sophistication, and luxury. Though it brings back vintage vibes, it can also evoke the feeling of safety and culture.


Blacks and greys bring out the feeling of being versatile and confident.  When paired with the right combinations, black and grey curtains can compliment your mood and evoke a feeling of strength. They also add the feeling of luxury and elegance.


The white color signifies peace and purity. It also stands for innocence and calmness. Having white curtains will not just make the room more spacious and peaceful but also make you feel positive and satisfied. It adds the effect of softness to the room while looking elegant and posh.

Curtains give your rooms the perfect touch! So, mix and match and pick the right shades and patterns to enhance the look and mood of your house based on your style and aesthetics. 


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