How to Make a Custom USB Drive?

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business or marketing plan, designing a promotional USB drive is a great way to get more bang for your buck. You’ll save money and get more ROI than if you stick with traditional media advertising. Plus, with a custom USB drive, you can tailor the content to your specific audience.

  • Custom USB drives are an excellent way to promote your brand or product
  • According to the API Study, a custom USB drive that costs $5 will have a CPI of only 7/10 of a cent per impression
  • Additionally, 58% of consumers have a custom USB drive

The next step after deciding to use a custom flash drive for promotion or distribution is to look at how to design your custom USB and make the right choices for your company and its promotional needs.

This guide covers everything you need to consider as you plan your design and marketing strategy for your custom USB flash drives. If you have any questions, just contact us and we have professionals ready to help you every step of the way!

Custom USB Purpose

Before you jump into the customization process, it’s important to first consider what exactly you’ll be using your USB drives for. Are you looking to promote your business? Do you need them for data transfer? Answering these questions will help guide the type of USB drive you order, the design, memory capacity, and more.

Some of the purposes for which custom USB drives are used include:

  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Giveaways
  • Video and photography
  • Employee Appreciation
  • New student or employee onboarding
  • Promotion of your brand or business
  • Celebrations

Custom Flash Drive Imprint Size

The size and messaging of your imprint are important because they will be seen every time the USB is used! Send us your logo or design and we’ll print it on the USB. You’ll need to consider the size available on the USB product you choose and make sure your design will fit and be easy to read, if there’s text, or to understand if it’s a drawing.

Many of our USBs have two imprint areas. You may want to use your logo on one side and include some information, such as a website, on the other. Just make sure the information is as evergreen as possible so it will last at least as long as the flash drive itself.

Custom Flash Drive Logos

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to designing a logo. You want to make sure that the color of your logo and the background color work well together, or that your logo stands out enough to be easily seen. This is especially important for people who are color blind.

Within the first 90 seconds of seeing your logo or other brand image, people will have already made judgments about your company subconsciously. 62-90% of their judgment is based solely on color, and 93% of people focus on color when purchasing a product. Therefore, it’s important to choose colors that will give people the right impression of your brand.

Submit your logo, design, or drawing

If you already have a design, great! Just send it in and we’ll use it on the USB flash drives of your choice. If you’re not sure what you want, no problem—our in-house design team can help you out.

Choose your USB style, form factor, or model

All of our USBs at Custom USB Memory are made in the USA, which means you get a faster turnaround and high-quality materials. We’re experts on many USB functions, materials, and processes, so we can help you find the perfect drive for your needs.


We understand that when you’re looking for a product, you want it as soon as possible which is why we offer next-day delivery. If you need your custom USB drives for a test sample or for a small number of drives, we can accommodate your request for overnight delivery so you can expedite your testing. Custom USB Memory has a select few top-selling flash drives now available for rush production for those projects and deadlines that require a little more urgency than normal. We can deliver drives as early as the following business day, and in some cases on Saturday.


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