How to set up virtual assistant contract?

What is a virtual Assistant Contract?

What is a virtual Assistant Contract?

When hiring a Virtual assistant, it is important to make a contract. A virtual Assistant Contract can be referred to as a legal document or agreement that provides evidence of a working relationship between the employer and the Virtual Assistant. This is important to do as it will help protect your right as a contractor and is very helpful in disputes.

Many of the Virtual Assistants are independent freelancers. Therefore, it is important for a contractor or an employer hiring a Virtual assistant to make a legal agreement between the two. All the clauses are included in the Virtual assistant agreement; also, the special terms and any necessary conditions that you need to be included or the Virtual assistant should know are important to add to the Virtual assistant agreement.

Why is the Virtual assistant Agreement important?

A Virtual Assistant agreement will help in clean communication as it will help clarify the expectations, the responsibility the company has with the freelancer, and the guarantee that the agreement is legally legitimate.

A Client seeking a Help from Virtual Assistant feels assured that the Virtual Assistant will be working for him even though they are working in the convenience of their home. In addition, a legally signed contract helps in knowing that the Virtual assistant is still an integral part of their business.

Even if you are a virtual assistant, it is important to work with companies who are willing to make a contract rather than relying on a verbal agreement, and this can lead to many misunderstandings and can cost both some heavy sums, which is why it is necessary to always work with virtual assistant contracts.

How to set up Virtual Assistant Contracts?

Many of us might have confused about how to set a contract for a virtual assistant? First, all terms and conditions are mandatory; one must mention that in the Contract. Furthermore, as an employer and a Virtual Assistant, it is important to sign contracts and work with people willing to make Virtual Assistant contracts. Therefore, certain points should be present in the Contract, which as how to set up a Virtual assistant Contract. We have mentioned below what all should be mentioned and what should you as a Virtual assistant should look for in the Contract:


  • Complete Description of the Work: After you have applied for the Virtual Assistant role and got selected by the client, the virtual assistant contract must include the delta description of the work that is expected to be done for the client, followed by this the Contract should include details like the name of the VA and the client, the place and date of signing the Contract. The Contract must be in a language that is understandable to both and should be simple and without errors and in a simple layout.
  • Output delivery: in this section, it is better to mention how the communication and submission of the work will take place, and the Virtual Assistant could include through mails, Hanging calls, and even post whatever is convenient to both and what fits the job.
  • Expected working hours: one of the key important factors mentioned in the Contract is expected working hours or day. Because as a virtual assistant, you will work under their freedom, and there is no boss to tell them they have to finish a set target. In this section of your Contract, it is better to mention the number of vacation days an employee can choose today. This is very rare, and one can hardly find it. It’s better to cross-check.
  • Payment: Your payment details, among the most significant parts of any contract, will include your fee, when you’ll be given, and how you’ll receive the money. Other accounting policies, such as whether you’ll be paid pro-rata, can also be included. You alone will know your payment terms, so make a list of everything that is important to you and that you believe is reasonable. Make it clear if you want to be paid a flat price, in cost for the project, or hourly, and ensure everyone agrees to your conditions.
  • NDA: Contracts are legal instruments that aim to protect intellectual rights and prevent the leaking of confidential information. The virtual assistant’s customer or organization should also have a non-solicitation or non-compete policy. If any virtual assistant has information access that the customer considers private, this can be a problem. It will prevent the company’s private information and other confidential material from being acquired by a competitor.
  • Termination and Cancellation Cause: A termination clause in an agreement specifies the parameters whereby a contract can be canceled and who has the right to do so. Cancellation provisions are a crucial part of insurance plans because they spell out how an insured person can lose coverage.

How to create a Virtual Assistant Contract?

In answer to this question, there are many available templates, and you could use them to create. However, choosing a website that allows you to make or create legal documents is preferable, and in a few steps, you’ll be able to create the Contract.