Lighting design companies in Dubai

Exterior Lighting company in Dubai-Facade Lighting LLC was started with our technology on lights by the year 2010. Exploring the light to “Façade-the face of the building” with illuminating light, fascinated with the light, and implementing brightness in the dark.

Outdoor lighting companies in Dubai-We ensure creative design structural ideas to match perfectly to your buildings. Our technical team committed to make each work perfect with quality. Proven track of customer satisfaction in and around Dubai and UAE. Unless other lighting service providers Façade Lighting LLC holds its own manufacturing plant, can carter the needs to accomplish project in time. Reduce exterior building lighting maintenance cost with Façade Lighting services.

Modern Lighting techniques with reduced cost

By renovating your lighting technology, you save energy and thus, you save money. However, another important retrofitting savings factor for outdoor (or any difficult to reach area) is the savings achieved through reduction in maintenance costs.

By streamlining technology and having just 2 or 3 different lighting technologies (bulbs and ballasts) throughout your facility, you do not need to keep as much replacement material in stock.

Your new lighting technology for exterior applications, LED especially, will have a long lamp life that reduces the amount of maintenance hours required to upkeep your exterior lighting. Some LED products have anticipated life of 50,000 hours and up.


As lamps get older, their light output decreases, but they still use the same amount of energy. When all your lamps are upgraded or retrofitted at the same time, it is a good idea to plan on a group relamp. This means instead of replacing lamps as they burn out (spot relamp); you choose to relamp the entire system at the 70-80% rated lamp life. By adopting this procedure you ensure regular intervals of maintenance are planned in your budget, and you give yourself the opportunity to make planned improvements or upgrades to your lighting system at the point of greatest return.

How to save energy, get the light you need and conserve the night sky

Façade Lighting designs your outdoor lighting for maximum efficiency and night sky conservation by choosing the right fixtures and the right system layout. Façade Lighting LLC comes with solutions to meet these needs and a model that shows anticipated light levels.

If a comparison between your existing and proposed new lighting systems is available, you will likely be surprised to find out how many inefficiencies and potentially light-polluting issues can be resolved with energy-saving fixtures that are built to reduce glare and light trespass. Consider these elements, plus improved safety and maintenance savings when you are ready to make changes to your exterior lighting system. The decision between upgrading and not upgrading gets easier the more you know!

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