Manaslu circuit Trek Difficulty

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is typically regarded as being moderately difficult. To complete the Manaslu Circuit, trekkers will have to travel over challenging terrain. The region’s untamed and isolated landscapes demand a lengthy journey. There is no mistaking it; the Manaslu Trek is among the most difficult treks in Nepal due to its remote location and difficult access. The miles-long, rocky trails there put the hiker under more strain. On the trail, hikers can expect to face extreme trekking conditions like a chilly atmosphere, a high height, rocky terrain, slick trails, and a variety of flora and wildlife. As a result, it becomes the ideal option for those who enjoy the adventure.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek has been one of the best off-the-beaten-path hikes in Nepal, taking you past uninhabited villages and verdant forests. This journey gives you the choice of passing through various rivers and waterfalls, and it also allows you to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Himalayan mountains that are covered in snow. The trek offers you a breathtaking view of some of the tallest mountains, including Ganesh Himal, Shringi (7187m), Ngadi Chuli (7871m), Mount Manaslu, and Mount HimalChuli (7893m).

You will need entry permits to accomplish the Manaslu Trek because it is a part of the MCAP. This trek leads you through a diverse landscape and topography, starting at a lower elevation of 228m and ending at the Larkya La Pass, which is 5213m above sea level. Find a companion to go with you if you’re traveling alone and wish to complete the Manaslu Circuit. A permission and start date must be obtained in conjunction with two other people because the Manaslu Circuit is a protected area.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty Factors

Altitude sickness

It is challenging to hike at high altitudes because of acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness. The altitude on the Manaslu Trek varies greatly. So, being able to adapt to high elevations could be one of the biggest challenges you experience throughout the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Crossing Larkya La Pass presents the toughest difficulty on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Less vegetation and increased chances of facing the natural phenomenon, including snow, sun, and chilly winds, are both present as the trail ascends. When you climb at a high altitude too quickly and intensely, you frequently get acute mountain sickness.

The body is impacted by the sudden drop in barometric pressure through growing pressure on the joint. Although traversing Manaslu is enjoyable, you must be extremely cautious well about the elevation attained and keep a close eye on even the smallest symptoms. Mild headaches, sleeplessness, slight dyspnea, and sporadically nausea are possible symptoms. These symptoms typically appear 6–48 hours after you reach your new height and can be fatal. Altitude sickness can be prevented by moving slowly, resting frequently, and drinking a lot of water.

Trek Distance

For trekkers who have never trekked before or who arrive without any preparation, the length of the Manaslu trek can be intimidating. The Manaslu circuit trip takes a lot of time to complete and is a long-distance trek. You will also encounter significant difficulties on the trail that must be overcome for you to reach your target. Each trip takes roughly 6 to 7 hours to complete and covers a distance of 8 to 12 kilometers.

Depending on how long your walking days are and where you start, you can make the voyage longer or shorter. From Kathmandu city, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is freely reachable. Generally speaking, it begins in the towns of Arughat or Gorkha, however, you can commence from Barpark or Soti Khola. The trail also travels through mountainous terrain and rural areas, which calls for a great deal of physical stamina. In addition, you must provide enough time to complete the trail because else, you will never reach your target.

Weather and climate

The weather can change quickly at higher altitudes. Within hours, it changes abruptly from clear, sunny skies to cloudy, dark skies. Due to the weather, there are several other difficulties. At a higher altitude, the weather will be more difficult. The nights are extremely cold whereas the days are often mild and dry. It’s crucial to prepare clothes appropriate for the time of year you’ll be traveling. Rainfall that is frequent can make hiking difficult because it makes the trails muddy and dangerous. In addition, it causes other natural disasters including mudslides, landslides, and blizzards. The elevated Manaslu Circuit Trek has a variety of difficulties that you may encounter.

Trekking in the wintertime can be very difficult. The nights are quite cold, with temperatures dropping to -20 degrees Celsius despite the warm days. The climatic zone affects the temperature throughout this location. Due to the bitter cold, many tea establishments are closed during the winter. Additionally, Larkya La Pass is still inaccessible due to a lot of snow. Monsoon season is known for its torrential downpours. The paths often get muddy and treacherous due to the constant rain. Additionally, the stunning vista of the high peaks is obscured by the heavy rain clouds. It is possible to trek in monsoon season but is not the ideal time.

The ideal time of year for hiking is in the spring because of the bright skies and stunning views of snow-capped mountains. Additionally, it is the ideal season to see rhododendron blooming. Autumn is another ideal time of year for the Manaslu circuit trek. Additionally, trekking season is at its height. The scenery is breathtaking, and the weather is lovely.

Lack of training

The Manaslu trip is appropriate for all levels of hikers, from beginners to experts. With some basic fitness and willpower, this trek can be successfully completed. The essentials of any journey involve climbing and descending hills on uneven terrain. It’s crucial to practice and grow accustomed to walking on uneven terrain. So, in order to make your trip effective and unforgettable, you must have cardiovascular exercise and physical fitness in addition to mental clarity and determination.

Additionally, technical training is not required. In reality, you can perform them at home or outdoors. You should train your cardiovascular system to help you manage in low-oxygen environments if you need to. Your fitness level will rise through exercises including swimming, jogging, cycling, running, and backpack-wearing walks. Prepare up for a day hike; any length is OK as long as it includes mixed terrain. Maintain a tight diet and rigorous exercise program to stay healthy and prevent illness.


The handling of the money is another aspect of the Manaslu Trek. You should have money in Nepali currency with you when you go trekking because there are no ATMs or banking facilities in remote locations. Since accommodation and food are costly in these locations. As a result, it will be challenging for you if you’re a budget tourist. The decisions you make about lodging, food, and transportation on your travels are influenced by your budget. Having a sufficient budget will guarantee your rest and comfort while trekking the Manaslu Circuit.


A stunning walk across the uninhabited Himalayan foothills in western Nepal is the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It’s moderately difficult to complete this amazing adventure. The trek requires that you be in good physical and mental shape. You should now have a basic understanding of the Manaslu Circuit trek’s difficulties and the best way to figure out the solutions to get ready for it. Enjoy the adventure and good luck. The Manaslu route offers a lot to see and discover along the way!




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