Private Investigator Switzerland presents you with the advantages of digital forensics in our company

Digital forensics

A digital forensics investigator is someone who knows how to follow the evidence and virtually solve a crime.

A security breach occurs in the company that results in data theft. In this situation, a computer forensic analyst would determine how the attacker gained access to the network, where he crossed the network, and what he did on the network, regardless of whether he was taking information or planting malicious software.

In these circumstances, the role of the digital forensic investigator is to recover data, such as documents, photos, and emails from computer hard drives and other storage devices, such as zip and flash drives, with deleted, damaged, or manipulated data.

Today, children have been using mobile phones since early childhood and various applications! Did you know that data can be hidden on your phone? Scanning mobile phones can unlock and reveal this hidden or deleted data. We discovered years of deleted text messages that have been shown to benefit clients in both civil and criminal cases.

Our company often has a request for assistance in the recovery of electronic data.

We always start by trying to determine the purpose/goal of the client. You may have someone who wants to inspect a phone used by their teenager, or you are dealing with a company lawyer trying to respond to a court request for preservation and/or e-disclosure.

Where would you start and how would you continue? At Private Investigator Switzerland, we follow best practices for every request we receive. To gather and preserve potential evidence, you need to know the law, current cases, and best practices. We offer consultations related to e-discovery, cell forensics, GPS data recovery, router testing, court order preparation, network seizure, hacking investigation, network hardening, device unlocking, and much more.

Private Investigator Switzerland offers customized digital and mobile forensic solutions for the following global and/or Swiss cases:

· Detection and analysis of digital evidence from computers and digital devices

· Forensic investigations of computers, smartphones, email, and social media

· Assistance and support to lawyers, corporate clients, individual clients, and the prosecution

· Theft of business data

· Theft of private data

· Device insurance

· Check data and files

· Recover lost data

· Discover the important content of all programs and hidden files

· Access and decrypt protected and hidden files

· Misconduct of employees (eg theft of intellectual property)

Private and family cases: e.g. Child custody cases, cyberbullying in the workplace, cyberbullying at school, complex compound keywords in search of patterns in any other type of computer forensics, including exams for operating systems based on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Working on a variety of civil, corporate, and criminal lawsuits, we see countless different approaches to digital forensics in the litigation support model.

There are many software solutions on the market that can enable the recovery or collection of electronic data, but if they are not seized in accordance with the appropriate protocols, you may be able to use them to improve your case.

Depending on the case, in the event of success, the costs incurred can be recovered from the target person if necessary. Call Us Today!



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