Suggested preparation items 6 to 8 weeks before moving house:


1. Customers should remove some unnecessary objects.


2. The client should first determine the layout of the new home and decide what furniture needs to be kept.


3. The client should begin to prepare an inventory of belongings.


4. Clients should choose at least three moving companies for quotation reference. To save money, you can arrange for GOGOVAN to pay a friend’s helper by yourself.


5. You should call your property insurance broker and let yourself know exactly what the insurance company will provide for this move.


6. Use the folder to save all documents and receipts related to the move for your records.


7. Friends, relatives, creditors, subscription service companies and other relevant persons should be notified as soon as possible to avoid loss of contact due to relocation.


8. You should notify the following parties early that you have changed your address, for example:



credit card

religious group

Doctor / Dentist


Inland Revenue Department

Insurance Broker / Lawyer / Stock Broker

Magazines (such as company single room relocation)

school etc.


You can find a relocation company for relocation.


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