Review of Father of the Bride 2022

In order to finally shout from the rooftops that Matt Lopez is a Latino writer in Hollywood who is hitting all the right notes, I could not wait to write this review. 

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The film Father of the Bride, written and directed by Lopez and starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan, is a charmingly understated remake of the 1991 Steve Martin hit, which was a remake of the 1950 Spencer Tracy hit! Additionally, Father of the Bride 2022 merits its own spotlight.

Andy Garcia’s portrayal of Billy Herrera delivers us his subtle, humorous, and most exposed performance in recent memory. Garcia has the ability to make me laugh or cry with just one or two words.

 Since this performance let me understand why Andy Garcia became a star in the first place, I hope that scripts are given to him. I’m really glad he’s still standing because I need to see him more. He is still as charming to watch as ever in this.

I cringed when I learned that Andy Garcia’s wife was to be played by Ingrid Herrera as Gloria Estefan. Given that Estefan has little acting experience, I found it difficult to understand the casting decision. I can now say that she did a good job after watching. She played in the range she felt most at ease in and offered a warm, honest performance. 

A more seasoned actress with stronger comedic skills could have played up the sarcasm and the stakes in the marriage, giving us a bigger emotional payoff in the finale. I don’t want to ruin the positive vibe, but in all honesty.

I am thrilled to witness a well-produced, well-written, well-directed, and well-acted Latino picture that didn’t make me cringe or doubt its authenticity as someone who frequently writes about Latine projects and the absence of high quality films. I didn’t find any of the dialogue to be offensive. 

The utilisation of both Spanish and English was flawless. Everything worked because this movie isn’t trying to prove a point, get approval, or favour one race over another. Also, it’s not shouting, “I’m Latino!” The author, Matt Lopez, who I now have to stalk online because I’m obsessed, wrote it beautifully and flawlessly.

Without being offensive or stereotyped, The Father of the Bride 2022 does a fantastic job at fusing the cultural distinctions between Mexican and Cuban in both families. Even if you’re neither Mexican or Cuban, this movie will nonetheless be relatable to you. 

The story is straightforward, although this rendition has a few modernizations. At the beginning of the movie, the Herreras don’t get along, and Ingrid is determined to get a divorce. 

When their eldest daughter, an attorney with a degree from NYU who is played by Adria Arjona, pays a visit to her parents, she shocks them by proposing to Diego Boneta’s Adan Castillo. She also admits that she was the one who asked her partner to marry her. 

The way her father responds is hilarious. There’s a younger daughter played by Isabela Merced who wants to be a fashion designer but doesn’t want to go to college and Chloe Fineman as the wedding planner adds the high jinx element to the mix.

The cultural celebration and diversity makes this reboot a special and much needed addition to the Father of the Bride franchise.


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