Can video games ruin your eye health? Playing video games and watching games for long hours can cause vision-related problems in kids, such as eye strain or computer vision syndrome. When your eyes are exposed to excessive screen time, you may experience symptoms such as eye fatigue, blurry vision, eye discomfort, and headaches. Kids get so addicted to video games that they forget to take breaks in between. Continuous display screens can put your eye health at risk and may even cause focusing problems, especially in developing children. Why is screen time bad for our eyes? Keeping your head buried in a screen can cause problems with your eye health. Display screens emit blue light, which inhabits short wavelengths that contain more energy. This is why opticians recommend you have a blue light coating on your prescription glasses lenses to combat this problem. When you’re staring at screens, you often think that your eyes are at rest and aren’t working hard. But, this is not true. The opposite of that is true. Your eyes put more effort during screen time as compared to any other activity. Also, people tend to blink less when they’re looking at display screens. When our […] read more