The Best Discreet Vibrators For Travel

Travel-friendly sex toys that are discrete enough to slip through airport security without being noticed really exist, and we are here to present a few of them for your consideration. To find the best travel-friendly sex toys, we asked six experts–including sex therapists, educators, and store owners–about which ones they would recommend.


Below, Dominick Pariso & The Best Travel-Friendly Sex Toys. Sparks calls the Femme Funn Bullet Vibrater his favourite travel-friendly toy. Pocket-sized and a little less than four inches, this bullet vibrator packs a punch without taking up much room or weight in your carry-on bag.


At only 4.5 inches long, this mini Magic Wand is a perfect size for your get home bag. The mini version is made with squishy, phthalate-free, latex-free silicone, and comes in classy colors (gray, deep green, clay, and charcoal), as opposed to the carnival-esque hues found on many erotic toys. With seven intensities of force and a soft-touch silicone surface, there is really nothing else like it on the market.


Because it is made from silicone, it is also water-resistant – perfect for anyone looking to try out in a bathtub or shower…or maybe in a private dipping pool at your apartment. At over one foot long, the Classic Magic Wand is about as awkward to travel with as a toaster. Now, its original maker has introduced the Mini, which offers the same strength as the original, but in a rechargeable (aka cordless) and smaller package.


The squishy, silicone grip is easy for beginners to grasp, non-threatening, and looks great in its velvety ribbon tie and vibrant blue colour. These Quiets are fully flexible, offering an eight-inch length for insertion, making it easy to adjust them according to personal preference. In addition to whatever quiet toys you ultimately end up adding to your shopping cart from this list, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid buying any toys that push, or that have beads that spin, Jordan Soper advises, because the motors in those devices are generally noisier.


Every single one passes the “A Quiet Place” test, from penis-strokers and G-Spot stimulators, to Womanizers twin-wands and the Clitoral Vibrators, which become even quieter as they draw on the nethers. With these booming, clangly, but whisper-quiet vibrators, you can spend the afternoon masturbating, with no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases following an unexpected encounter with a foreign stranger. Fortunately, knowing the best travel-friendly sex toys to buy, and how best to pack for them, can help both you avoid getting stuck in uncomfortable situations, while also keeping you safe while orgasming.


A stylish, gorgeous necklace, Crave Vesper is an ideal public-playing toy. With 26 chains and a tiny, elegant stainless steel case, Vesper is an easy, outer vibration device you can unclip from your necklaces chain and use on the fly. Elegant yet erotic, the necklace can be transformed by folding back the collar and using a chain tassel for mocking either you or your partner.




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