There are several misunderstandings in buying jammers

There are various signal jammers on the market, such as mobile phone jammers, wifi blockers, drone jammers, GSM jammers, GPS jammers, portable mobile phone jammers, and satellite jammers. And some 5G jammers, radio jammers.

And our misunderstanding of purchasing professional cell phone jammer online? When buying signal jammers online, it is natural to compare in many aspects, especially when the single purchase is large, it is necessary to pay more attention to the choice of purchasing channels. Because there are many online channels and other reasons, it is natural to compare and consider many aspects.

When buying a jammer, you will consider whether the radiation of the signal jammer will be harmful to the body. It is not that high-power equipment has high radiation, low-power equipment has low radiation, high-power outdoor antennas have long range, wide shielding range, and uniform shielding signals, but the radiation extremely low. If low-power devices do not use multiple antennas for long-distance shielding, but put them together or use 5 antennas together, the radiation output will exceed 10 microwatts per square centimeter, and the short-distance radiation should be widely eliminated.

Whether it is an online official website purchase or an online platform purchase, you can start with the certification system. The official website can directly query the filing information of its domain name, so that you can know whether the filing subject is the company, and the online platform can directly check The most important thing is the certification system. Only by choosing a platform with a rich certification system can the company behind it have strength and security.

When buying a Wifi signal jammer, it is not that the higher the power, the better. It depends on the inaccurate frequency output of the host, frequency drift, excessive bandwidth, waste of energy, and interference with the base station; the scanning power suppression method is simple, the shielding power is small, and the radiation is large. The power standard is wrong, excessive publicity, and the rated power loses its reference value; electricity is the foundation, technology is the key. It’s better to find a good method and technique to fight for power.

When purchasing jammers, the misunderstanding to avoid when purchasing mobile phone signal jammers is to ignore the parameter configuration, because the jammer itself also has instructions such as infection strength, in order to ensure that our GPS scrambler meet expectations in all aspects, we must pay attention to parameter configuration . On the one hand, we need to choose brands with high brand reputation and feedback and product share, which is to ensure the quality. On the other hand, we need to check the parameter configuration, so as to ensure that the experience of using the mobile phone signal jammer meets expectations.

Another misunderstanding of buying jammers is that using directional antennas can avoid interference. In fact, there is a certain transmit signal strength outside the directional angle of the directional antenna, but it is much weaker than the main lobe, and it is not completely directional. Including building reflections that continue to cause external disturbances. Also, the frequency drift of the interference host seriously affects the base station, causing external interference. Finally, there must be a full-time TD shield Chaos.


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