Designing an ultraboard can be challenging, drawing attention is something everybody wants to achieve with their sign. To accomplish this, the principles of your design should center around visibility and readability. The main point you are trying to convey should be the first thing the audience sees. People, on average, look at a sign for about 20 seconds only, so your words and graphics should be clear and concise – getting the point across quickly. Below are some tips and tricks to help make your ultraboard more attention-grabbing:


As mentioned before, people only glance at signs; therefore, when you design your ultraboard it needs to be easily readable. For your design to be successful, it needs to be pleasing to the eye. Choosing the right font, color, and size is vital. Your font should be simple, easy to read, and large enough to be attention-grabbing. Some font recommendations include:

  • Helvetica
  • Arial
  • Trajan
  • Verdana

These fonts are legible, readable, and still have a bit of personality, adding creative touches. Selecting a color for your ultraboard and font is also essential in grabbing attention. Since you want it to be readable, here are some tips for picking the perfect colors:

  • Try not to choose colors that are adjacent to each other (ex. Highlighter yellow font on a neon yellow background)
  • Avoid light or dark only color pallets throughout (contrast pops out more to the eye)
  • Stay away from distracting textures and colors

By keeping your colors vibrant but contrasting, your ultraboard will grab the attention of passersby. Colors can mean a lot of different things – ex. Red signifies hunger. If you are trying to get a response out of the audience, pick colors that will trigger their individual needs. Using darker fonts on a light background or vice versa will make the sign more readable and visible.


When picking the graphics for your sign, ensure that they will be high enough resolution for the size of your ultraboard. You don’t want your picture to turn out blurry. Keeping the sign simple with only one or two graphics is valuable. Use pictures that represent your product or service – ex. If you are an apple farmer, use one or two photos of juicy, plump apples. Emphasizing what is relevant using your images is key for attention-grabbing ultraboards.


The appearance of your ultraboard won’t matter unless you place it in the right spot. It will not fulfill its purpose of grabbing the customer’s attention if its location is not noticeable. Making an ultra board costs time and money so picking an area is crucial so your efforts aren’t wasted.

When setting up your ultraboard, knowing who you are advertising to is critical. If you own gardening business, perhaps setting up neighborhood signs will be beneficial. You don’t need to limit yourself to bridges, roadside, and bus bench signs; in most cases, these spots are already being fought over by large companies. But deciding on the location of your ultraboard can make or break your advertisement. Therefore, place it in locations where people will see it and areas where your target market frequents.


Depending on where you place your ultraboard, you may also need to purchase lighting. There’s no point in going through the effort to make your sign if no one can see it. Your sign may be bypassed at night in poorly lit hallways or on roads with no streetlights. Purchasing small clips on lights can easily illuminate your ultraboard, allowing it to grab the attention of your customers even in the dark.

When creating your ultraboard, think to yourself: Is this readable? And, Is this visible? If your font is too small, your sign will not grab the attention of passersby. If your colors are too similar, your text will not pop. Simplicity is key; using clear fonts makes all the difference when it comes to readability. Ensuring your ultraboard is in a visible location with optimal lighting will also help grab the attention of your target audience. Use your creativity and visit our site today to start making your custom ultraboard!


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