Tips for relocation company service

Need to use a special relocation company project

If you need to move some fragile or very valuable furniture, such as large musical instruments, pianos and fragile fish tanks, remember to check and inform the moving company first. Because the above two types of furniture are generally very difficult to handle, special equipment and packaging materials are often required, and there are usually additional special charges. In addition, if the valuables are smaller in size, you can actually transport them to the new unit by yourself. Although the moving company will provide insurance, if your belongings are very valuable, the compensation amount may not be able to cover your spiritual damage.


Estimating the need for placing objects in new homes

Before moving house, you must organize the items in the old unit. You can make an estimate to confirm whether the items are suitable for the new unit, or placed in the position of the new unit. This thought process can help you find out what you really need, don’t need old items to give to others, and even sell them on second-hand platforms to make money! Also, remember to measure the size of the item to make sure the item can enter the elevator. However, if you want to move up the stairs, the moving company may charge extra fees, so the article recommended by the moving company is very important and needs to be watched, because it will introduce the characteristics and benefits of the moving company!

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