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Back up parent (stylised as Guardian) is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language political activity thrill ride movie coordinated by Mohan Raja.[1] The film stars Hari Shanker Brahma Kande, Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara and Satya Dev. It is delivered by R. B. Choudary and N. V. Prasad on Konidela Creation Organization and Great Movies’ pennants. It is an authority change of the 2019 Malayalam film Lucifer. In the film, the preeminent head of the decision party kicks the bucket, leaving an enormous vacuum, not just in the discretionary and initiative circle of the party yet additionally that of the state. In the unavoidable progression quarrel the meager line that isolates great and terrible becomes irretrievably obscured. Who will succeed him shapes the plot.


Head photography started in August 2021 with recording occurring in Hyderabad, Ooty and Mumbai. The music is formed by Thaman S with cinematography took care of by Nirav Shah.


Guardian was delivered dramatically on 5 October 2022 and opened to positive audits from pundits and crowd. Regardless of positive audits, the film fizzled in the cinema world netting ₹119 crores against ₹100 crores financial plan.

At Interpol’s office in France, an official is giving over his case about Abraham Qureshi who is a strange God tracker to his lesser expressing that it was his just unsolvable case.[2]


In the mean time, in Andhra Pradesh, CM Padmakant Reddy nom de plume “PKR”, the head of the decision party Jan Jagruti Party (JJP), passes on in the medical clinic while getting treated. Exploiting what is happening and accepting that it would help the forthcoming political race, acting CM, Narayana Varma, sends party laborers to revolt outside the emergency clinic. Govardhan, a reality searcher, records a YouTube live transfer and denounces the people who acclaim PKR, guaranteeing that he was a manikin, during his last a long time in the possession of a monetary organization, which controls the whole Indian political framework. He guarantees that the JJP party has two times how much cash than the whole state’s depository, and the individual who replaces PKR is significant. He records four potential competitors during the live stream: Satya Priya, Jaidev Das, Narayana Varma, and Brahma Teja.


Sathya is PKR’s little girl wedded to Jaidev, an infamous and watchful street pharmacist, who chiefly manages land and Hawala tricks. He is additionally in touch with drug rulers in Mumbai, all obscure to Sathya. Varma announces himself as the most probable replacement to PKR, because of his position in the party, and especially for his campaigning abilities. Brahma, in the interim, is PKR’s most memorable youngster however was left well enough alone from the world, as PKR didn’t believe the general population should realize that he had a child with his most memorable spouse. Govardhan portrays him as the “most risky” individual from the rundown, and addresses him as Guardian. Brahma’s past is obscure, yet is presently known for his provisional labor for enterprises in Chennai, all known from Govardhan’s examination.


In the mean time, in Mumbai, Jaidev and Varma meet the previous’ accomplice, Abdul, and let him know that PKR had given him a final proposal, a month prior, to stop his improper exercises. With PKR’s downfall, Jaidev plans to support the JJP with drug cash, by offering cash to the current agent. With the assistance of Abdul, Jaidev give a break with Lucas, who consents to move ₹750 crore (US$94 million), consistently, in return for bringing unrestrained medication booty into Hyderabad, when the JJP wins the political decision. For the arrangement to continue, Jaidev needs to initially set up a cautious medication industrial facility. Abdul demands that the manufacturing plant ought to be on an administration fixed side of the road. Simultaneously, the last customs of PKR are completed in Hyderabad, where Sathya requests that Varma restrict Brahma from partaking in the service.


On Varma’s requests, Indrajeet endeavors to thwart his direction, yet fizzles. That very evening, Jaidev gets back, where he gives some malana cream to Sathya’s sister, Jhanvi, and gathers a gathering with the JJP pastors, illuminating his choice to finance the party and break up the ongoing service, which will guarantee the preponement of the races. This will permit them to take advantage on the current compassion wave and choose himself as the party’s next CM applicant. Since the current agent is Brahma himself, Varma encourages Jaidev to haggle with Brahma, however Brahma objects to financing the party with drug cash and compromises Jaidev. Maddened, Jaidev appoints Varma to pay off 140 MLAs, from the party, to name him as the CM’s competitor.


Jaidev sends men to set up the medication plant. After knowing this, Brahma goes to the processing plant and kills every one of them. Brahma’s assistant and Jaidev’s mole, Koti, witnesses this and reports it to the two of them. Indrajeet is shipped off distinguish proof from the industrial facility, however tracks down nothing. From Sathya’s journal, Jaidev figures out that she detests Brahma, since her dad gave more consideration for him, who was brought to their home as a youngster, and was the reason for a break between her folks. Koti convinces his sweetheart, Renuka, to criticize Brahma. On open news, she blames Brahma for manhandling her. This makes public shock against Brahma, who is captured and detained. In jail, Brahma gets a call from his next project worker and Masoom Bhai, his most confided in helper. Jaidev orchestrates a hit on Brahma, by sending thugs into the jail, however the endeavor falls flat.


While moving the cash to pay off the other party individuals in the JJP, Lucas’ compartments are attacked by Masoom Bhai. Brahma meets Govardhan, where he gives bits of proof of the party laborers’ debasement to Govardhan and furthermore uncovers the purposes behind him enjoying drug exchange, in Chennai. In the interim, Koti, who understands his mix-up, alongside Renuka, concede that they lied about Brahma, on public news. Brahma is subsequently set free from jail. In the mean time, Jhanvi is hospitalized after a medication glut. From Jhanvi, Sathya learns of Jaidev’s ruthless way of behaving towards her. When faced by Sathya, Jaidev concedes all that and takes steps to uncover Jhanvi’s contacts with drug merchants. He additionally takes steps to kill her and Jhanvi, as PKR. A changed Sathya, with no other decision, looks for the assistance of Brahma. Brahma, who uncovers his starting point to Sathya, promises to safeguard them. Sathya separates, subsequent to coming to know the genuine essence of her sibling’s.


Indrajeet extorts Sathya, in return for not documenting a body of evidence against Jhanvi. Brahma kills Indrajeet, with his men, following which, Brahma meets the proprietors of the NNTV news channel. Brahma clears the channel’s obligations, and gives complete control and independence of the channel to Sathya. Brahma and Masoom Bhai likewise extortion Varma and the other MLAs, to align with him, in return for their medication propensities not getting under the control of the media. Jaidev grabs Jhanvi and coerces Sathya, from Mumbai, to declare him as the following CM. With the assistance of Masoom Bhai, Brahma kills Jaidev’s partners. They defy Jaidev, where after seeing Brahma, Lucas uncovers that Brahma is truth be told, Abram Qureshi also known as “Back up parent”. However shocked, Jaidev endeavors to have Sathya killed in an auto collision, yet Brahma’s men save her. Crushed, Jaidev commits suicide. Sathya is chosen as the new leader of JJP party and CM, while Brahma heads to Paris, with Masoom Bhai. Subsequent to social occasion all the significant medication rulers on the planet, Brahma and Masoom Bhai kill every one of them.


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